BEE Partners

Should you be looking for a BEE Partner in The Built & Design Environment to do a Joint Venture please contact us and let us know your exact requirements. We have many Established Level 1 and 2 Clients who have been registered BEE Companies for many years who would be very interested in partnering with a Level 5 – 8 Firm or International Company if it benefits both parties. We also have International Companies looking for Business Partners in S.A.

We have had many Clients ask us to assist and refer them to possible Companies in our Industry therefore we have decided to offer a service to assist Clients should they be looking for a Partner in our specialised niche. We can introduce you to the right Companies and set up the initial meeting. Should you be looking at buying or selling a share of your Company to another Firm or selling your whole Company to one of our Clients give us a call and we could match you to the right Organisation.

Our very Established Client Base and matching ability in The Built & Design Environment is where our expertise lies so look no further if this is what you require. Let us connect you to the right Company in The Built and Design Environment to take you to the next LEVEL!

Terms and Conditions apply.

Enquire about our specialised service today.