Make a CV that sells!

Our Clients like detailed CV’s so please remember the following when compiling a CV to make it the best CV to secure you an interview.

  • Need Personal details on the front page such as I.D number, Availability, Current Gross Salary, Expected Salary, Own Vehicle and Valid Driver’s license, Area of residence and Spoken Languages
  • Your CV must include your most recent position to your very first position that you ever had
  • Add in the name of each Company, followed by your designations at each company, then you need a comprehensive duty list under each position and all the projects that you have worked on
  • Your Project list under each Company needs to be the projects you personally worked on. Be specific about the projects, name of the Project, i.e. Fairmount Hotel, Revamp, R6 million, 300 sqm, completed in 2013
  • Add in your Cost to Company under each position – be specific as to what it entailed, i.e. R25 000 Gross + half medical of R1200 + half provident of R800 + annual performance bonus, total CTC = R29 000
  • Lastly add in your reasons for leaving each Company

Documents required when coming in for an interview at RED|LINE:

  • Copy of your I.D + bring in original I.D
  • Original Diplomas, Degrees, Certificates for us to check
  • Copy of Driver’s License + Original Drivers
  • Digital and Printed/Portfolio – this is required for your Client interview
  • Copy and Original or most recent pay slip
  • 1 x Colour photo to be emailed to Consultant before interview for your CV

Please get a portfolio ready if you in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design for your interview – please make sure it is your own work that you are presenting

The Winning Interview

  1. Research the Company before the interview. Be prepared and know the facts of the Company and the position before going to the meeting.
  2. Dress for Success. Dress according to the Company’s culture and remember that first impressions really do count.
  3. Use eye contact and mirror the handshake of the person interviewing you.
  4. Be forthcoming regarding your capabilities, sell your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses.
  5. Take your portfolio – a hard copy with a copy of your qualifications, written references and salary slip.
  6. When discussing salary, tell the Client what you currently earn but do not tell them what you want to earn. Let the Client present an offer before you start negotiating what you want as the price asked by the Candidate is always higher than what the Client is prepared to pay. Salary is a common dealbreaker, tread cautiously in this regard.

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